Feather Getz

Peter Getz is probably the most absurd landscape and architectural photographer you will ever meet.

He was born in 1982 and worked as a consultant for 8 years in Houston, Texas. On business trips, he would always find a day to sneak away for photographic excursions. As a teenager, his father took him on annual trips to Colorado where he would marvel at the natural glory.

(Listen, I gotta level with y’all. Despite the prominent use of pronouns, I, Peter Getz himself, actually wrote this. Why are biographies always written in the third person anyway? It makes me uncomfortable.)

He has been honing his craft for over 12 years. (Here I go with the pronouns again. Maybe it’s to protect the humble first person?) Peter breaks tradition with his approach. He would describe himself as a “rock ‘n’ roll photographer” if that didn’t sound like it meant something completely different than what he intended. Instead he will describe himself as a casual photographer, who approaches the work intensely (and I mean intensely in the most flattering way.)

He could go on, but really, the work speaks for itself. OK, sorry that sounds pretentious. Go look at stuff and stop reading me. I mean him. Stop reading him.

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